Our company A U H Live Events is a local company in United Arab Emirates organizes numerous events. Working together with the clients to achieve the target expectations.
Creation and development of large-scale events such as Solar racing challenge, conferences, Ceremonies. Coordinating the technical aspects before actually launching the event.
Our engagement with the Oasis Solar Car Challenge has attracted the very best solar racing teams from around the world and with that comes some of the world’s brightest young scientists, technicians, engineers and mathematicians as well as their essential HR, marketing, media and logistics experts support staff. As part of the Oasis Solar Challenge, ANG are proposing a mentoring program whereby we help  UAE universities with the competing university race teams so that they can have pre-race internet connection, face to face interaction before the race and hopefully, have selected UAE uni member(s) embedded in the teams for the duration of the race so they can gain first-hand experience of what it is like to be part of such a homogenous team.