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Abdulla Jasem Al Nowais

Mr. Abdullah Al Nowais is an active Emirati businessman.
Mr. Abdullah Jassim Nasser Al Nowais was born and educated in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates. He is one of the sons of the prestigious Al Nowais family in the UAE and the Middle East.
Mr. Abdullah Al Nowais started his working life at a young age, as he worked with his late father, Mr. Jassim Nasser Al Nowais in his various commercial businesses, which earned him a lot of practical experience at an early age and then set out to develop and refine his talent and passion in business administration and commerce, where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Public Administration from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, USA. .

Practical Life :
Prior to the establishment of Al Nowais Group, Mr. Abdullah Al Nowais worked for the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), a sovereign fund of the Abu Dhabi government that was established in 1976 and is considered one of the largest investment funds in the world. He also worked for the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), which was established in 1971, a company that works in all fields of oil and gas, marketing and transporting it to all parts of the world. He is currently the CEO of Al Nowais Trading Group of Companies, in addition to his membership in the Emirates Consumer Cooperative Society for Food Industries (EFIC.COOP), where he is among the twenty founders and owners of the association.

Vice Chairman

Mr. Jassim Abdulla Al Nowais

Jasem Abdulla AlNowais is a finance professional who serves as the Vice Chairman of the Al Nowais Group; and is also currently serving as an Assistant Vice President of Capital Analysis & Funding at Aldar Properties PJSC. He started his professional career with Etihad Aviation Group for nearly 5 years as a Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis, where he was responsible of providing senior management with the analysis and information required to make major operational, financial, and strategic decisions. Mr. Jasem is a finance professional who excels in areas such as leadership, decision making, and critical thinking. His main responsibilities include assisting the Group’s Chairman & CEO with the company’s major investments, providing substantial business development support to Al Nowais Group partners, and identifying prime business opportunities in the region. Furthermore, his main areas of excellence focus on financial planning & forecasting, investments management, strategic planning, and funding. Mr. AlNowais holds a bachelor’s degree from Zayed University in Abu Dhabi. He has also concluded multiple internships and certifications with local and international financial institutions including London School of Economics & Finance’s Real Estate Economics and Finance certification.

Internal Audit

Mrs. Fatima Mohamed Al Nowais

Mrs. Fatima Mohamed Al Nowais, the latest internal audit of Al Nowais Group, is one of our respected women in ANG and the Al Nowais family. Mrs. Fatima shines at critical thinking, risk management, problem solving, accounting, and project management. Mrs. Fatima earned her bachelor's degree in banking from United Arab Emirates University in 1992. Her qualifications and certifications include Certified Manager Program (CMP), the Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), the International Mini-MBA in Management and Leadership, and the MBA certificate in Strategic Management. Mrs. Fatima joined Abu Dhabi Fund for Development in April 1993 and worked there for 27 years as a team leader and internal auditor. Her prior experience includes directing a comprehensive internal audit program for the department to ensure that internal control systems for financial, operational, and information technology reliability and integrity are reviewed at appropriate intervals and effective recommendations for corrective actions are made as needed. In 2008, Mrs. Fatima was also the Quality Manager Representative (QMR - ISO 9001). Mrs. Fatima's ultimate goal with Al Nowais Group is to reduce the overall business and operational risks to which the company is exposed. She anticipates developing plans and implementation strategies to better control and monitor those risks in the future.

Marketing Manager

Mr. Saif Abdulla Al Nowais

Mr. Saif Abdulla Al Nowais is a graduate of Zayed University in Abu Dhabi with a bachelor's degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship who has demonstrated excellence in the UAE. Mr. Saif worked as an intern for Abu Dhabi Media for about seven months. He has always excelled at analytics, communication, creativity, management, leadership, and problem solving during his time with ADM. What drew Mr. Saif into the field of marketing was the fact of how good it suited his own personality and character. He understood how marketing is a highly effective and competitive field of study, and it taught him how to effectively communicate and think creatively. His greatest accomplishment was at the time when he was able to attend a variety of volunteering and workshops, specifically as the leader of all types of volunteering and project services. He is a very ambitious and engaging individual in his own right. His most valuable assets are his creativity, leadership, time management, and attention to detail. He prefers fast-paced work environments as they make him feel like he is constantly learning and growing. As a person, Mr. Saif Abdulla is a very committed and an ambitious individual, especially when it comes to using his own skills and having the opportunity to grow and learn more. He excels at work, whether working alone or as part of a team. His excitement comes from seeing himself doing busy tasks to help manage and achieve the company's success. Mr. Saif Al Nowais takes pride in providing meticulous and efficient support to line managers and teams across a wide range of industries, all while maintaining the utmost loyalty and discretion. Mr. Saif is solely concerned with assisting in the achievement of business objectives. He is equally at ease and effective working as part of a team, taking charge of coordination and completing complex tasks on his own. Mr. Saif excels at multitasking, communicating, and contributing to a productive workplace.

Business Development Manager

Mr. Ahmed Abdulla Al Nowais

Ahmed Abdulla Al Nowais attends Al Ain University in Abu Dhabi and studies management and business administration. Ahmed is a businessman from the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. He is currently the business development manager for Al Nowais Group. Ahmed is in charge of setting and developing goals for Al Nowais Group's revenue growth. He works hard to research, plan, and implement new target market initiatives. He has excellent leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills, and he is always eager to set goals and challenge himself at ANG. His greatest achievement was when he attended a variety of volunteering and workshops, specifically as a significant member of the team and leadership, project services. Ahmed Abdulla is a determined and hardworking individual. He is a social person who excels at communication. Most importantly, he is always eager to learn, gain knowledge, and gain experience in ANG.

Public and Private Relation Manager

Mr. Faisal Abdulla Al Nowais

Faisal Abdulla Al Nowais is the Public and Private Relationship Manager at Al Nowais Group. Faisal ensures that ANG has a positive public image by communicating programs, accomplishments, and points of view. He is continuing his studies at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi. Faisal is a confident communicator and presenter as an individual. His essential skills include excellent organizational and planning abilities, being self-motivated, and having a positive and professional approach to management. He also has strong verbal and written communication skills. In addition to his ANG duties, he supervises full-time employees and monitors social, economic, and political trends that may affect ANG. Faisal strives for communication, writing ability, social media understanding, creativity, and management skills as a PPR manager. He is will connected to with the government and semi-government.

Office Manager

Kate Galsim Blas

Mrs. Kate Galsim Blas manages the offices of ANG with over 10 years of experience in the Group. Her role is providing a high-level executive support through performing all duties connected to the Management office, supervising, and monitoring the work of administrative staff, implementing, and maintaining procedures/office administrative systems. Mrs. Kate contributes to the compliance of all companies under Al Nowais Group in UAE and KSA. She manages the registration procedures in Middle East and can assist in commercial registrations, all the prequalification, approvals, and renewals. Her experience and contacts are particularly invaluable for the more difficult pre-qualifications with Oil and Gas and Government Departments.


Vanitha Dashinamurthy

Dedicated and detailed-oriented accounting professional with over 8 years of experience in the field. She is specialized in preparing assets, liability, and capital account management. She keeps track on the ANG expense and assist auditors during the audit process. She has strong accounting and tax background and she provides Al Nowais Group of Companies with professionalism, responsiveness and peace of mind.

Personal Assistant to Chairman

Ms. Whitney Barure

Ms. Whitney works for Al Nowais Group as the chairman's personal assistant. In 2017, she graduated from the Catholic University of Zimbabwe with a bachelor's degree in Business Management and Information Technology. Ms. Whitney Barure assists company executives with a variety of tasks, primarily administrative and clerical. Ms. Whitney assists the chairman with daily administrative duties, including managing an active calendar of appointments, completing expense reports, composing and preparing correspondence, arranging complex and detailed travel plans, itineraries, and agendas, and compiling meeting documents. Ms. Whitney possesses strong interpersonal skills and has established strong relationships with ANG board members. Ms. Whitney has strong writing, editing, grammatical, organizational, and research abilities, as well as management, time management, and problem-solving abilities.